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Over the years, Cupid Wedding Cars has grown to become one of the largest supplier of owned VW’s in Australia. Our immaculate cars are a must to see.


Everyone loves VW Kombi, VW Beetles and VW Convertibles but not too many people get to see such stunning early examples displayed in their pristine glory!  


Cupid Wedding Cars haven't stopped there, we have also extended our fleet to another range of cars - Chargers! These magnificent RT Chargers certainly turn heads as they roar down the road with their impressive 440’s. This magnificent car will certainly add the WOW factor to your wedding. 


Cupid Wedding Cars makes it possible for you to enjoy these timeless classic vintage cars.


In recent years the VW Kombi, VW Beetles and  Chargers have become extremely popular as the choice of transportation with bride and grooms.


We understand you need to compare prices with other companies but to avoid disappointment of missing out on your preferred car and supplier we recommend you book as soon as possible.




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